Get Inspired by These Amazing Built-Ins for TVs

It can be difficult to find ways to incorporate TVs and media centers seamlessly into the design of a room. As experts in woodworking and custom designs, A-K Custom Interiors has built more than a few built-ins for TV areas. If you’re looking for inspiration for your next project, take a look at some of our work. Then, get in touch with our team to get started!

Rustic Retreat

built-ins for TVWhen designing built-ins for TV areas that have a fireplace, a common mounting location is above the fireplace. In the picture above, you can see we’ve done something a little different. Because the fireplace isn’t centered on the wall, we’ve dedicated one side to TV entertainment and the other to storage. Even though it’s not symmetrical, the bright artwork and open shelving make this room feel balanced. Take a look at our portfolio to see more examples of our work.

Geometric Design

built-ins for TVThis bright white built-in really illustrates how fun it can be to design with geometry in mind. Using simple shapes like rectangles, triangles, and circles, we’ve achieved a clean and fun look. The large flat screen in the center is surrounded by rectangular cubby-style shelving. The accent lighting mounted on the top of the built-in are triangular pendants with circular mounting brackets. The simplicity of this design is a big part of what gives it such a clean look, but hiding all the wires doesn’t hurt. If you’re tired of looking at TV wires, get in touch to schedule your complimentary consultation!

Post-Modern Updated

built-ins for TVHere’s a great example of how even a non-working fireplace can make a great focal point for built-ins in a TV area. We loved building these built-ins in this light and airy living room. Installing the built-in shelves on each side of the fireplace helps make the best use of the longest wall in this room. And, the post-modern light fixtures above the bookshelves really draw your eye upwards, making the room feel even larger.

Traditional Aesthetic

built-ins for TVThese light walnut built-ins for this TV area adds sophistication without making it too stuffy. The lattice-style doors on the lower cabinets aren’t just nice to look at, they are extremely functional. The doors are really doing double duty, making it easy to control any entertainment device via remote and reducing visual clutter by obscuring electronics and their wires.

Are You Looking for Built-Ins for TV Areas?

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