With A-K Custom Interior Built-Ins, Anyone Can Have a Home Office!

Working from home is on the rise. In fact, 43% of Americans reported working remotely at least some of the time last year. This rising employment trend means that people in all types and sizes of homes need home offices. We’ve helped tons of clients make a workspace that works for them. If you need a home office, built-ins may be the perfect solution. Take a look at a few home offices we’ve designed for non-traditional spaces.

A Multipurpose Guest Room

home office built-insA warm and welcoming guest room is a great feature to have in any home. However, when it’s not in use, a guest room can sometimes feel like wasted space. For one of our clients, we helped him get the best of both worlds by creating an inviting guest room that also functions as an office when out-of-towners aren’t visiting. We utilized open wall space and installed a Murphy bed with open shelving on the side. When it’s an office, our client can use the chalkboard walls to organize his projects and to-do lists. When it’s a guest room, visitors can use the bed and the shelving on the side as a nightstand.

A Home Office Wall

home office built-insIf you have more space to dedicate to your home office, built-ins can go a long way. This gorgeous dark wood wall-to-wall cabinetry gives our client a ton of storage with open and hidden shelving and provides a lot of desk space all while only using one wall!

Kitchen Command Center

home office built-insSometimes you don’t need an entire home office to put in a day’s work, just a quiet place to set up your laptop. This kitchen corner office is just that. The drawers below allow for organization and the corkboard provides space to post important reminders or artwork. The built-in cabinetry above ties the workspace to the kitchen and the recessed lighting provides great task lighting for whoever is this space. This nook works wonderfully as a compact home office, family command center, children’s homework center, and a quick place to pay bills and write up grocery lists.

Let A-K Custom Interiors Build the Home Office Built-Ins of Your Dreams

If you’ve been looking for a new way to work from home, our home office built-ins could be the answer. Take a look at our portfolio to learn more and get in touch to schedule a complimentary consultation. When it comes to designing your workspace, A-K Custom gets the job done!

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