The Master Bedroom Built-In Every Philly Home Needs

master bedroom built-insLiving in the City of Brotherly Love comes with a whole lot of perks, but there can be a downside or two as well. Due to the sometimes tight quarters in Philadelphia rowhomes, we know that storage struggles are as Philadelphian as Tastykake. To make the most of your storage space, think outside of the box (or closet in this case) and consider having master bedroom built-ins installed in your home.

The Perfect Master Bedroom Built-in for Your Philly Row Home

master bedroom built-ins

This wall-to-wall built-in storage option is the perfect solution for a home with too few or too small closets. We demolished the existing closet and instead used the entire wall. The cabinets on the left and right are two separate closets for hanging clothes like dresses and suits. Then, we installed six drawers in the middle, which was a great alternative to a dresser taking up much-needed floor space. The cabinets along the top make great use of vertical space and are an ideal place to store less frequently used items. Lastly, you can see that we inset the cabinet closest to the doorway to ensure that the room didn’t feel cramped. Little details like that are one of the reasons that custom master bedrooms built-ins are such a good idea for Philadelphia homes.

Working With A-K Custom Interiors

When you work with A-K Custom Interiors, you can look forward to each step of the process. Your project will start with a complimentary consultation where we discuss the project, take measurements, and review samples. After our first meeting, we draw up our design proposal and send it to you for review and approval. While we’re building and installing, we take care to minimize disturbances in your home by working with your schedule and keeping our workspace tidy.

Throughout the process, you can count on an open line of communication. We’re always happy to answer any questions and we use an online project management system that allows our clients to check in on their project 24/7.

A-K Custom Interiors Services

With expertise in millwork and finishing, we’re proud to offer the following services:

Start Designing Your Master Bedroom Built-ins Today!

If you’re ready to upgrade your space with master bedroom built-ins, give us a call at 215-839-6659 to schedule your consultation. Be sure to check out our portfolio and follow us on Instagram to see more examples of our work.

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